How does a brand, known for its retro canned sausages, launch a new more premium sausage? Without alienating its core fans? Like this, of course!

For the launch we built the Bullens Sausage Wheel of Fortune, a playful way to hand out free Beer Banger samples. It was built using ardoino technology and was live streamed on to the Bullens website, where users could interact with it.

On the campaign website you could play on the Sausage Wheel of Fortune as well as compete for the Bullens Food Truck. Since only one person at the time could spin the Sausage Wheel we had people spending hours on our website, waiting for their turn.

Over 5.000 people from all over Sweden voted in our online poll. The winner was Piteå, a small town in North of Sweden where 7 percent of the populations had voted. The Bullens’ food truck greeted a big crowd of hungry fans and the local press at the event. It then continued to the 5 runner-up towns – Umeå, Luleå, Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall, Skänninge.

With almost no media budget and without any traditional media, we reached 7,3 million people and generated PR worth over 2.000.000 SEK.