Max Alm

Art Director / Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden available for full hire or freelance work.

Email ☞ +46(0)76 028 70 77 

What if I told you that you now can work out without working out, getting rewarded by every step of the way? Seems to good to be true? Well, it’s not! When you build an app that combines your step counter with Nutrilett products. Each step gives you more points which translate into a currency that will give you discounts and freebies. Win-win!

The app is a platform for users to sign up and become a part of the community as a point-collector. The score-keeper is complete with a distance-meter and some statistics to give you an overview of your progress. The circle-meter is set to 10 000 steps, which is a standard amount of steps that a healthy person should walk each day, and pushes the users to keep going!

On newer versions of iPhone we could tap into the (at the time) new HealthKit API to count the steps, but on older models we would have to use the good ol’ gyrometer, from which we could extract the movements, and then through a custom algorithm we could determine if the movement resembled a step. Soon we were experts in defining what a step is, in mathematical terms - seeing movements as just calculations and numbers.

While we’re talking about whats under the hood, we can mention that we integrated the app
with a custom admin for handling the offers in the in-app store. We connected a coupon API
to the store, to make sure the customers got their products in a reliable way.